01 Sep 2010

The Breitling Bentley is Bold

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Breitling's Bentley Watches

In the world of high end professional timepieces, Breitling takes the lead.  They know precision timekeeping and innovative design.  Their creations adorn the wrists of many high profile celebrities, because they have become a huge status symbol, and a highly sought after brand.  It is the look, which will get your attention, but it’s the quality and performance, which will keep your interest, peaked.  Breitling watches offer functionality, which is out of this world, not to mention that they are virtually indestructible.  The Bentley men’s watch collection is a great place to start out tour de Breitling.

The Breitling Bentley GMT offers a bold design, featuring multiple time zones displays.  This chronograph has a styling, which was inspired after its namesake, The Bentley.  The dial is decorated, by the use of “totalizer” rims, featured on the Bentley dashboards.  The inner bezel rotates to provide easy reading of the names of the 24 cities it displays.  The design allows for easy reading of all of the world’s time zones, as well. 

This men’s watch comes in a variety of dial colors and bracelet materials, but all are masculine and offer a commanding presence.  Breitling just can’t be beat, when it comes to designing the most powerful timepieces.

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