03 Sep 2010

Ladies, Take A Second Look At The Breitling Starliner

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Breitling's Windrider Starliner

When a watch maker with as much testosterone as Breitling brings a super feminine timepiece to the table you have to sit back and say “wow”!  How does this watch designer go from race cars and jet engines to pink Mother-of-pearl?  It’s called keeping up with the times.  Even the most masculine watch maker has a soft side, and Breitling shows theirs, with the release of the Windrider Starliner Women’s Watch.  There’s no denying that the Starliner is beautiful.  It comes in a variety of finishes, but I thought the Pink dial was a nice touch, so I will highlight the A7134054.K512.360A model. 

Let’s talk function, first.  The Women’s Windrider Starliner is a Swiss Quartz watch.  It is precise and accurate, not to mention, easy to maintain.  It is also a certified Chronometer.  This watch is every bit a quality Breitling timepiece, featuring an anti scratch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal.  It is made well and water resistant to 330 feet, but you won’t be in a hurry to get this watch wet.

The Starliner is ultra feminine, with a pink Mother-of-Pearl dial, which is accented with sparkling diamonds.  The bezel is also covered in diamonds and the bracelet is crafted of polished steel.  Ladies, you really should take another look at Breitling…they offer brawn and beauty.

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