10 Sep 2010

James Bond Suits Up With A Breitling Top Time Chronograph

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007 Wearing Breitling Top Time Chronograph

There is no doubt that if you are in search of the ultimate gadget watch, you need look no further than Breitling.  Breitling watches are serious; just ask the one and only 007.  In the 1965 James Bond movie, Thunderball, the Breitling Top Time Chronograph made its debut appearance, and was given considerable screen time.  Although, the watch was never named in the film, it was most definitely the Breitling Top Time Chronograph.

The watch is signified by its sweeping hand, which serves as the meter for the Geiger counter housed in the reinforced, highly waterproof case.  The watch’s final scene in the film is underwater, where it is used to help Bond find the location of the bombs in the hull of a ship.  Pretty impressive for the Top Time’s cameo appearance.

This gadget watch is compared to the Rolex Submariner, but it is most definitely a Breitling.  It offers no push buttons or crown to operate the chronograph functions, but is does feature an additional bezel.  The second bezel was added to enhance the appearance. 

If you are a collector, the Breitling Top Time Chronograph is an excellent addition to your ensemble.  The contemporary styling and the two sub dials, with large sweeping hand, make for a unique and high tech watch.

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