12 Sep 2010

Breitling Cosmonaute Tells Time 24/7

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Breitling Cosmonaute Keeps Time

Always unique…that’s Breitling.  Let’s take the new Breitling Cosmonaute Automatic Chronograph, for example.  Right off the bat, Breitling reminds us why they are the trend setters that they are.  The dial on the Cosmonaute Automatic makes us believe we are in space, with its unique 24 hour format.  But, just as we get our feet back on Earth, we realize the traditional Breitling slide rule bezel, and feel a bit more balanced.  The classic Breitling easy to read numbers and conspicuous sub dials of the chronograph designate the dial.

Although, Breitling prides themselves on their watch’s movements and craftsmanship, the most distinctive feature of this watch is hardly an unseen element.  In fact, the most impressive building block, and the feature you will be initially drawn to, with the Breitling Cosmonaute Automatic Chronograph is, interestingly enough…the bracelet.

The solid steel metal link bracelet has been designed like a bangle and fitted with large cutout holes.  It offers a masculine look, and is different from anything else you will see from Breitling.  It is a fantastic men’s timepiece, but unless you have a special need for the 24 hour read-out, you might have a difficult time adjusting to it.

Bottom line, this is an overall great watch from Breitling.  It retails for just around $6,500, and is available through breitling.com.

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