12 Jul 2011

Breitling Avenger A1338012/G694

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Written by: Leigh Anne Sanders

Watch face close up for Breitling Avenger

Breitling Avenger A1338012/G694

Any gentleman in search of a watch that instantly describes him as rugged, professional, and supremely stylish without him saying a word should look no further than the Breitling Avenger Model #A1338012/G694.  This watch is the epitome of the four essentials for Breitling:  sturdiness, functionality, precision, and aesthetic sophistication.  The Breitling Avenger Model #A1338012/G694 is truly an extraordinary watch for extraordinary gentlemen.

Each Breitling Avenger Model #A1338012/G694 has both amazing benefits and potential drawbacks.  The watch is so rugged, it is water resistant up to 300 meters.  That’s nearly a quarter of a mile!  Each watch includes a sapphire crystal watch face to eliminate glare, making for incredibly easy reading.  The stenciled numbers stand out in stark, stylish contrast to the dial, also making for very easy reading.  Wearer comfort is a key consideration to the Breitling Brand, and as such you are able to choose from a variety of watch bands, including professional steel bracelets and leather bands, to be assured that your watch will be just right for you.
Actor Brad Pitt sporting his Breitling watch

Brad Pitt sports his own Breitling

Additionally, the sheer level of style and sophistication associated with the brand is reflected in the clientele Breitling enjoys.  A Breitling Avenger Model #A1338012/G694 has graced the wrists of such superstars as Brad Pitt, Gordon Ramsey, and Harrison Ford.  John Travolta is said to own his very own fleet of Breitling watches.

Unfortunately, the price tag attached to the Breitling Avenger Model #A1338012/G694 may very well make this watch inaccessible to a great many potential customers, however.  Each Breitling Avenger Model #A1338012/G694 runs anywhere from $4,000 to in excess of $5,500 depending on the customized options that are chosen.  The weight of the watch is also a concern to some wearers.  At just over 144 grams, each Breitling Avenger Model #A1338012/G694 weighs about the same as an iPhone sans casing, which is a little hefty for some.  The weight comes from the amount of steel used in fashioning the watch, and adds to the durability of each model.

The Breitling Avenger Model #A1338012/G694 is easily customized so that your watch is unique to you.  As a customer, you will choose your steel casing from standard, polished, and satin.  Then you will choose your dial color.  The options for color are impressive, with Stratus Silver, Volcano Black, Air Force blue, and Tungsten Grey.  You also decide if you want the color to affect only the chronographs, or the entire dial.  The Volcano Black dial with Stratus Silver chronographs and numbers is a particularly striking design option.
The Breitling Avenger Model #A1338012/G694 is, ultimately, an incredible value for the price.  Though the cost may be intimidating, the level of absolute functionality, comfort, and sophistication associated with each Breitling watch guarantees that your watch will retain its value.
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