About Breitling

Fascinating Breitling

Breitling is the world’s premier maker of Mechanical watches.  Breitling began producing watches in 1884, and since then has seen many innovations.  The Chronographs and Chronometers are their specialty, and their movements are exclusively Breitling.  These high end luxury timepieces are loaded with functionality.  The Aviation functions, alone are amazing, and have earned Breitling solid respect in the aviation world.  You, certainly don’t have to have a Pilot’s license to own or appreciate this craftsmanship, just have a love and admiration for quality and precision. 

It’s true that all of Breitling’s models are exceptionally well made, with superior materials, innovative technology, and style.  Breitling’s generally have bold and impressive looks.  The watch faces are large and commanding, and it’s evident they do much more than simply tell time.  Breitling’s are all manufactured in Switzerland, using only Swiss components.  Although Breitling specializes is Mechanical watches, consumer demand has been answered with Breitling Quartz models. 

You can learn even more of Breitling watches by reading the Breitling Chronolog.   This annual publication, put out by Breitling outlines all the newest watches in Breitling’s collection, and offers valuable insight into company events and product pricing.  The photos professional and the publication is complimentary.